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Instructor SteVon Edwards has been studying and performing piano since age 5, after studying the Suzuki method on Cello at age 3 at the University of Louisville. She received training at the Louisville Academy of Music, completing coursework within 9 years.

She currently accompanies choirs at local churches regularly and also plays for family and friends' events. "I'm looking forward to working with students of all ages and abilities."

Teaching Environment

Learning should be fun! Music is never dull. Music shapes our lives; from when you hear your favorite song on the radio to setting the tone for an experience.

To teach music, which is integral to our day to day experience, care must be taken in not only ensuring each students learns the basics and proper technique, but that learning is done in a friendly environment that welcomes self-expression and mutual feedback.

"Music not only touches the parts of your soul that others can't reach, but it connects you to those around you. It's the common language. Let's talk."

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