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We adhere to professional standards in music teaching:

Knowing and Performing Music
Teachers possess a significant understanding of and facility on their performing instrument(s). They demonstrate a specialized knowledge in a performance area as they provide students with comprehensive, sequential instruction. They have substantial knowledge of music theory, music history/literature, and pedagogy/teacher education.

Knowing and Understanding Students
Teachers have knowledge and understanding of students’ physical, social and cognitive growth and past musical experiences. They assimilate this knowledge to develop a course of study and to prepare instruction that meets the needs of each student while cultivating positive and productive relationships.

Planning Courses of Study
Teachers plan courses of study for their students on a regular basis using a wide range of music, musical concepts and materials.

Facilitating Music Learning
Teachers foster students’ interest and facilitate their musical learning by using a variety of resources, equipment, technology, materials, methods, music and teaching styles and strategies.

Fostering an Educational Environment
Teachers provide and cultivate settings that are conducive to learning and performance, and that are inclusive of students and families from varied backgrounds, cultures and capabilities. They provide settings for a course of study that encourage student confidence, independence, teamwork and high achievement.

Assessing Musical Growth
Teachers utilize multiple evaluation methods regularly to assess and convey the progress of students' musical growth and performance, and to gather data for planning subsequent courses of study.

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